Check the cables. There are 2,  1/8" cables that are responsible for the entire load of that door. They do get old and they do wear out. It can be tricky to spot when they start to uncoil and rust. They can also stretch, and when one stretches more than the other it lifts your door crooked, causing more problems with your rollers. When they break it can lead to a catastrophic door failure, even falling off the tracks.

Inspect the Rollers. Your door weighs several hundred pounds, and it all rests on these rollers as the door goes up and down. They are made to roll in the track as the door wants to move back and forth. That side thrust causes wear on the bearings. Some rollers are made of plastic, some steel rollers are just low quality. The best rollers are made of nylon molded over a bearing. These have a true bearing inside with hardened raceways.

Lubricate Door. It doesn't take much to lubricate the essential parts of your door, but it is critical for the long lasting operation you expect. Of course the hinges need to be lubricated as well as the rollers. But most don't know how important it is to lube the springs. As the spring winds and unwinds the coils rub against each other causing wear and popping or rough operation. Lubing the spring also helps prevent rusting, and rust is a leading cause for spring failure.

Tighten all hardware.The average door goes up and down more than 1,000 times a year. That's a lot of movement and vibration. Bolts will get loose, tracks get loose, it all leads down the road to a more expensive repair later.

Test the garage door balance. This tests the effective spring force. Your door opener is made to pull your door open, not really lift it. Your door should go up easily but not fly open. If your door is lifts heavy then every time your opener lifts it, it is working extra hard and will lead to an early failure. If the power goes out or your opener fails, you may need to lift that door by hand.

 Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home. For continued safe and smooth operation for years to come there are some things that should be done on a periodic basis.

The first thing we do is just look and listen. Most people hear that door everyday and don't notice when noises creep up or popping noises begin to get louder. Every sound is telling you something, hinges getting loose, rollers binding ,springs popping. If these are addressed when they start, it will cost a lot less than waiting for a complete failure.

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